Model & Actor



Four days a week I practice Asthanga Yoga Mysore, it helps my mind and body stay open and continue to progress towards new possibilities. I lift almost every day, Weight training is my soul food. 

I love how music can put you in a great mood and pump up your workout. I like most genres. Sadly though, I dance more like Carlton from the Fresh Prince! 

During the week, my day begins with 


I played football in high school and track in high school and college. 

My exercise regiment gives me the confidence to be both a model and an actor. 

I concentrate one day at a time to be my very best in order to make my future self proud that I stayed the course.


Consistency is my best attribute. Being a positive motivator is a close second. I am excited to work for you as both a model and an actor. 





Kieran Robert Smith

7914 Gilbert Street

Philadelphia, PA 19150

Tel: 215 760 9035


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